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Be a stand-out: Layer on the fashion

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Thursday, November, 15 By Emily Young
Staff writer

Whether you're a regular bleacher creature or this is your first time back in the stands in years, looking cute for the big Thanksgiving Day football game is important.

Why? Because all eyes certainly won't be on the field.

"There are a lot of people who go back for the big game that you haven't seen in a long time, so of course you want to look your best," said Laura Cervone-McDowell, TJ Maxx spokeswoman. "I think at games people want to be comfortable, but they also want to look good."

Staying warm still needs to be a top priority, however, when pulling an outfit together.

"In New England, of course, we never know what the weather will do," said Ginger Burr, a North Shore image consultant. "It could be 60 degrees or below zero | and it can change in what seems like a matter of minutes," Burr said. "Your best offense is practical, strategic layering. The good news is that layers are very 'in' this season so not only will you be toasty, but you’ll be in style as well."

All styles of knits and cashmere sweaters | crew neck, turtleneck, hoody, tunic | will keep you trendy, while the snugly material keeps you warm when layered, she said. Burr recommend this season's peacoat with a warm scarf as a stylish top layer.

Cervone-McDowell, an Andover Warrior from the class of 1986, noted that women's sleeveless ponchos and wide-sleeved capes give a great silhouette and are far more stylish than a bulky winter parka. And one of the most popular fall trends is the fly-away jacket, left loose and open.

"Or, what some people are calling the 'swacket," Cervone-McDowell said. "It's a sweater with one or two oversized buttons. The hottest thing is three-quarter length sleeves, which you could wear with long gloves and a scarf." Burr recommends steering clear of swackets that belt around the waist: "With rare exceptions, a long belted sweater, especially over layers, tends to make everyone look like a sack of potatoes," she said.

Cervone-McDowell suggested pairing layered tops with wide-leg jeans for a more polished look that's dressier than regular jeans. Burr said whatever you do, don't forget to slip into some great shoes.

"Stand apart from the crowd by eschewing sneakers and wearing a great pair of boots," Burr said. "Add a pair with a little chunky heel for height and to balance out all the width you’ve added by wearing layers for warmth." Boots can easily be as comfortable as sneakers, she pointed out.

While this season's colors are red, pumpkin and olive green, it's all right for true fans to wear their team colors. "I don't think you'll find anything in Andover Warrior gold right now, but you could try it," Cervone-McDowell said. "I you can find a cashmere sweater in royal blue, if that's your team color, go for it. It's always fun to show your spirit."

Fashion Trends for the Family

What hot trends will keep dad, sis, and little bro warm at the big game?

Men: Argyle sweaters in any material, like cashmere or wool. Also, pull-over sweaters with quarter zippers.

Girls: Girls are wearing versions of women's swacket in different materials, like fleece and corduroy.

Boys: These little guys don't change their style that much; they still love their hoody sweatshirt.

Source: Laura Cervone-McDowell, TJ Maxx spokeswoman

Layering tips

Source: Ginger Burr, Total Image Consultants, totalimageconsultants.com

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